Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Just the Right Size Purse!

It's not too big... it's not too small... It's just right!

I am having lots of fun with this pattern!

It's an adjustable strap...
(It can be really long, but the picture I took with it long turned out unsatisfactorily)
there's pockets,
there's a zipper in the back,
there's a magnetic closure, there's reverse applique...

There's just so much to like about this bag!
I made one for myself, then I was commissioned to make another. This is the commissioned one - I always forget to take pictures of the things I make for myself. I always forget to take pictures... I need to write notes to myself that say, "Take Pictures!" and put them on the sewing machine and the scissors and the cutting board and every other place in the sewing room. But back to this bag - this one had a kinda darker outside so that it won't get dirty to easily.

I really liked the material for the reverse applique! As soon as I saw it in the store, I thought the tree would be perfect to sew around. I love how it turned out! And I love all the greens!
I'm really happy with how it turned out and might make a few more... maybe... if I finish some other projects that are floating around my head
(drawstring circle jewelry bag, star trek bag, baby blankets, more appliqued stuff).
And I really need to start writing official patterns for these purses!

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Anonymous said...

That's MY purse and I love it! I've been playing with the strap to find just the right length. The tree and inside fabric are amazing...I have to keep my purse neat (not too hard with all the POCKETS) so I can show people the inside too!

So glad I know this Odd Duck!