Friday, February 20, 2009

On the way to Costa Rica!

These are currently on their way to Costa Rica!!!
It's for a friend of mine's niece (the lovely 6 month old Riley) and the new little brother or sister that will be born towards the end of the summer. The little Octo-girl is kinda supposed to resemble Riley, though she's only 6 months so I don't think there can be too much resemblance.
And there's the 2 blankets that I crocheted around. When Riley was born, I made a blanket - a bright blue one with surfboards and stuff. I saw it and immediately thought of them and had to give it to them. And it's made me so happy to see they are still using it in pictures I see of her.
I hope they can use these blankets just as much!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Etsy Shop!

Green Bag with Fabulous Pink Inside!

I took this bag to show off and know what happened? It was quickly claimed.
But it was claimed by someone who I'm know will enjoy it. I saw the green fabric at Joann's in the home decor area, so it's a little heavier than usual. But I loved putting the pink inside.
The pink! Oh yeah! I just remembered where I got it from! I was at Target and there was a bright pink twin sheet set on sale for $7.00! I saw it and picked it up. Then put it back. Then picked it back up and bought it. It was a great deal! I have to keep thinking of what else I can use it for...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Reversible Baby Bag for the Essentials.

After I've made a gift it's really really really really hard for me not to give it to the person immediately. Really really hard. I just get so excited! But I handed over a present today - so here's the reveal!
It's an essential diaper bag - a bag that you can take if you don't want to take the whole bag - like for a couple diapers, a bottle, some wipes. Just the essential stuff.
This particular bag is for the parents of Josiah - whose dad loves FSU and whose mom loves UF. It's a house divided. The poor baby just won't know what to think. But I felt the only proper bag would represent them both (though I am partial to UF - since I know all their cheers), so it's a reversible bag! That way - if he wants to carry it, he can have the Seminole side out. Or she can flip it to the gator side.
The actual pattern is super easy - it's the Fantastic Five Fat Quarter Reversible Bag. Of course this time there weren't fat quarters. But it's still an easy and fun bag to make!
I can't wait to meet the little guy!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Smaller Caged Bird Bag

My mom really liked the big caged bird bag... In fact, I think she really wanted it. But I thought maybe a smaller bag would be better. She said she wanted to use it for fancy occasions. So this is what how it turned out:
I really like it! It's cute and small. The only think I would have maybe changed is that I only put interfacing on the outer pieces and it kinda feels like the inside needed it too, especially with with magnetic clasp. But overall - it's still a good purse!
And it goes great with the bigger one too!