Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Way too close

Christmas is WAY too close! How did it get here so quick? It was just thanksgiving!
Oh well. I've been pretty busy! I've made a bag or two... a table runner... jewelry bags... what else? Crayon wallets! I've made two so far and I've loving them!

And one of my other new favorite things - coasters!
I made 3 sets of Christmas ones! Each set has 2 patchwork ones and 2 of each of the other fabrics (stockings and trees). We've been using one set around the house and they're working really well!

Now I've got a list of other stuff to do:
2 more jewelry bags
a crayon roll for a 5 year old
a tie for a 7 year old
a fake beard for a 10 year old
something for my mom (which I know what it'll be)
something for my dad (which I don't know what it'll be)

Only got a couple days left! Ahhhh!