Monday, May 4, 2009

Easter Bunnies!

These were so much fun! Once I started, I couldn't stop.
I was using the pattern for a crochet monkey found here.
I didn't do the mouth or ears or tail. Then for the bunny ears I did:
1:With yarn, make a double loop with your finger. 6sc into the loop. tighten the loop.
2:2sc into each of 6sc
3: [1sc into the 1st sc, 2sc into the next sc]x6
4: [1sc into the next 8, 2sc into next sc]x2
5-30: Work 20.

Then I did a pom pom for the tail.
The first one I made was the one with the light blue stripe -
he has been named Odd Ball and belongs to the eldest boy I watch.
The one with the darker blue top was named Cool
and belongs to the Munchkin (the youngest boy I watch).
And then the one with the teal and orange stripe is named...
I can't remember what he's named! I'll edit this if I can remember it. Anyway - he belongs to the Chicken Nugget (the middle boy).

The girl one is named Daisy! I gave her to my friend Elsa who is a teacher. She took her into her classroom and the class decided to name her Daisy. Now they read to her. She sent me a picture of one of the little boys sitting across from Daisy in a chair and he would read her a page, then turn the page so she could see the pictures! How Cute!

I'm actually working on another one right now for me because I just think they're so cute!

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