Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bumblebee Bag

Wandering around a fabric store, some yellow and some black popped out at me. And red! Yellow, black, and red - I knew I had to make something using those colors. And this is the result:
I've been calling it the bublebee bag since I started planning it. It's got a magnetic clasp and some tubing in the handles to make them a little more sturdy feeling. I thought the handles wouldn't be long enough, but they definitely are!
And the inside has pockets all along one side and then a half-circle pocket (made out of the area I cut out for the handles) that's big enough for cell phone.
I've got similar (but still different) material sewn together for two more bags like it... I'm going to see what people think and then maybe make them and put them on etsy... I'll see how it goes!
And while I was waiting for some of the material to dry, I started working on some Christmas coasters. Yep -Christmas! I made some patchwork that I cut out to make the tops of some. I've got almost 3 set ready to sew! Hopefully I'll work on them more tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I'm not hugely into Halloween. When I was really little my mom made me some really cute costumes - a kangaroo, a coke can, a pumpkin...
But this year I decided to make my own costume! And I decided to be a Monster!
Over a year ago, I saw some guy at Universal Studios wearing a monster hoodie and I thought it was pretty awesome! I decided then I wanted one right then and there. I looked online and I saw one place selling them for $100. Well I wasn't going to pay that. So I bought a hoodie at Old Navy for $15 and used material and buttons I had at home to create my own!

There's super cool teeth around the hood and I lined the inside with red - like it's a real mouth! Added some eyes and claws on and it was ready to go.
I also had a skirt that was really long and I shortened it. And I made a tulle thing to go under the skirt to make it kinda poofy. And I bought some awesome tights at wal-mart!
And now I've got a super cool monster hoodie!