Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another Dress

This is actually dress #3, but I still haven't got a good picture of dress #2 yet!
For this one - I had a t-shirt that I ended up with a stain on. (I get stains on basically every shirt I have and have multiple tide to go sticks to try and save stained shirts, but some just can't be saved.) Instead of just getting rid of the shirt, I wanted to see what I could do with it. To cover the stain, I decided to make some ruffles! I'm not exactly a ruffle girl, but I thought I'd make an exception and I'm glad I did!
For the ruffles - I gut strips from the bottom half of the shirt and sewed long stitches in it. Then I gathered the strips and sewed them onto the front. I'd done 3, but then I realized the shirt stretched out when I put it on - so my mom suggested adding 2 more strips in between the ones I already made and that did the trick! The ruffles are so soft!
Then I found material I already had that went with the shirt and voila! A cute new dress!
The green strip is just as long as the shirt (thankfully it fits on pretty easily!) and the dress bottom is basically using the same pattern as the other dresses I've made.
I really like it! The decision of what to wear for Easter was between it and the first one I made. I ended up going with the first one I made, but it was close!
And I helped a girl I know make herself a dress for Easter too! That was super fun! And it turned out really cute!
Now in the works: a purse made out of some super cute mushroom fabric!