Saturday, April 18, 2009

H's Bag

So there's a girl in the youth group I volunteer with who really really wanted to make a bag - so we set up a day and decided to do it! H's grandma was a seamstress so she had some sewing knowledge already and it showed. She did great!

So here's some of the awesome parts of the bag:

1. The button/applique H
We decided the bag would just be rather plain, so she decided it needed a little embellishment and I offered the button initial applique idea. I don't really like buttons all that much. Well I like them, but I wouldn't do something with tons of them. But she was a master buttonier. Buttonist. Buttonista. Button-sewer-on-er. She did them all in a flash.

2. The fabric - she got it all at hobby lobby for less than $5!
3. The zipper pocket in the bag lining
Yes - that green thing is a zipper - in the bag lining. That can be a pretty complicated thing. (made easier by the great tutorial here.) But she aced it!

Of course after we finished the 5 hours or so working on it, I said, "so are you going to switch all your stuff over to your new bag!?!" to which she replied, "I'll wait till I get tired of the one I'm using now." But by the next time I saw her she had switched over - so I was pretty excited. As you can tell, she was too!

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