Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day! Or what it's aka - My Birthday!

I had a good birthday! It was a nice day overall. No great highlight (other than maybe the Munchkin running out of school, seeing me in the car, and yelling, "Happy Birthday!") - but a great day overall.
I like to think it's easy to remember my birthday since Earthy Day is my birthday! And I usually don't really go all out for earth day, but I've been wanting to applique so I decided to use an earthy type of idea. I made a little tote and appliqued a tree on it!
The back is all green and the inside is yellow with stars. And the tree trunk has some interesting patterns in the applique - I was going for a tree grain type of idea... I think it worked out alright.

I'm really getting into applique. My mom's got an embroidery machine and I had done some on that before, but I've started doing it on my regular sewing machine. It's fun!

And the whole bag was made entirely from material in my stash or scraps.

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