Monday, March 16, 2009

Some Commissions

I've had some people ask me to make them bags lately - which I love love love doing! They give me the basics of what they want (a bag they already have or a bag they've seen) and then I get to go with it. And these two were especially fun because I got to try some new things.

This bag was made for the lovely Ms. Mary
She had a black leather bag and she wanted a brown fabric bag about the same size and with a long strap and everything. Luckily I got the size right - which is great since I pretty much just laid her purse on a piece of paper and drew some lines around the sides and that's what I based it on.

And! I did a zipper in the back! Like a zipper IN the fabric in the back! I thought it would be a little rough, but I used this tutorial from the wonderful U-Handblog. It was way easier than I thought it would be! I'm going to be doing more zippers that way - for sure!

And then I made this lovely bag for the cool Keri:

There's pockets pockets everywhere! A zipper pocket in the front, one on each side, and some inside too! I think it was the first backpack I've made. And once I got the pattern together, it was pretty fun to put together.

She picked out the outer fabric and I picked out the inner fabric! I picked it mostly because it matched the outer fabric, but I thought it fit her seeing as how she's a pretty seasoned traveler. Here's a close up (I got it at Joann's).

I don't know if you can quite tell, but it's got postcard type things for Italy, Washington DC, Japan, Egypt, and some other famous places.

I LOVE making special order bags!

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