Monday, March 2, 2009

Ring Bearer Pillow

Two people people I knew from high school, Fernando and Amelia, are getting married! I remember when we were in spanish together, we had a potluck lunch one time and Fernando was bringing in mangos, but I'm allergic. So he brought me a banana! (I always remember the weird things.)
Anyway - I was facebook snooping one day and Amelia had a link to their wedding website. On that website, she had a picture of a ringbearer pillow that she said she wanted but might have to try making or something. I knew I could make, but I was worried she would think I was crazy if I just randomly sent her a message saying I could make it for her. But I decided not to worry about what she thought. And I'm so glad I did. She said she had just given up on getting it or trying to make it!
We met and she picked out the ribbon and material and then I made it and just delivered it to her last week. I think she liked it and I was more than happy to put it together.

I was able to embroider their names and wedding date too! And we decided she could snip off the ribbon that the rings will be tied to and they can just keep the pillow as a reminder of the day.

I'm going to be way more forward from now on - good things happen when I go ahead and offer to do stuff!

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