Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Tiger Cottage

Apparently a good tool to have when entertaining my favorite 4 year old (aka Munchkin) is the Ikea catalog. The munchkin was playing with this little toy tiger (called Tigey, just like his stuffed cow is called Cowy) and we had to do something with it - so first there was a sleeping bag, with a handle to make it easy to carry around.

Well where is a Tigey in a sleeping bag going to sleep? He needs his own house, of course!
Luckily I had saved a shoe box (you never know when they're going to come in handy) and construction quickly started - mainly just a door being cut in the side.
Then there was the decorating. First, a tv and pot and rug and other random objects were cut out of an ikea catalog. Then the stickers were put on. Tons and tons of stickers. But I have to say, it turned out pretty nice. I wouldn't live there, but Tigey doesn't seem too picky.

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