Friday, August 14, 2009

I really need to update more...

I really need to update more! I haven't made too much lately... but I did make one thing - a superhero outfit!!! Which brings me to a question I've had lately - why do I not wear a cape ALL the time? It's way more fun than I was thinking it would be.
We had superhero bowling night at the youth group I volunteer with and I decided to go with my own superhero - CraftGirl! I had a shirt with a hole in the front on it, so putting a shield on the front worked perfectly. And stenciling on the scissors worked great! Then I made a cape out of a bed sheet I had bought a long time ago. At the bottom of the cape, I put ric-rac and buttons, just to make it a little more crafty.
Here's a picture - taken on my cell phone so it's a little blurry-ish.
If you haven't worn a cape lately, you really should give it a try!

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