Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I'm not hugely into Halloween. When I was really little my mom made me some really cute costumes - a kangaroo, a coke can, a pumpkin...
But this year I decided to make my own costume! And I decided to be a Monster!
Over a year ago, I saw some guy at Universal Studios wearing a monster hoodie and I thought it was pretty awesome! I decided then I wanted one right then and there. I looked online and I saw one place selling them for $100. Well I wasn't going to pay that. So I bought a hoodie at Old Navy for $15 and used material and buttons I had at home to create my own!

There's super cool teeth around the hood and I lined the inside with red - like it's a real mouth! Added some eyes and claws on and it was ready to go.
I also had a skirt that was really long and I shortened it. And I made a tulle thing to go under the skirt to make it kinda poofy. And I bought some awesome tights at wal-mart!
And now I've got a super cool monster hoodie!

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